3 Reasons To Get a Roof Inspection This Fall

As summer turns into fall, your business may be subject to high winds, torrential downpours, hail storms, and other damaging weather events. Inclement weather can really do a number on your property, especially when it comes to your roof. To protect your investment and ensure your building is operating at peak efficiency, scheduling a roof inspection after a storm is the best course of action.

Owning a commercial building is a significant investment, and inspections ensure your investment remains sound. As part of routine maintenance, inspections keep you one step ahead of any issues and help you stay on budget when it comes to operating expenses. Here are a few benefits you’ll receive when having your commercial roof assessed by a professional.

Stop Small Problems From Getting Worse

A minor rook leak might not seem like a big issue now. In fact, you may not even be aware of any leaks in your roof if they’re extremely small. Keep in mind that roof leaks only grow worse if left unaddressed, until the problem can no longer be ignored. Not only can they damage multiple components of your roof, but they can also damage the interior of your building when leaks are severe. Additionally, roof leaks can cause mold to grow within your business, which is a major problem on its own. Mold can damage walls and ceilings, as well as ruining furniture, computer equipment, and even inventory. The presence of mold within a building is also considered a health hazard since it decreases indoor air quality and worsens allergy symptoms.

Increase Energy Efficiency

As a business owner, keeping costs manageable is a crucial component of ongoing success. One area of continuous concern is paying for utilities like gas and electricity, which can become quite expensive depending on the type of business you run. Heating costs will only increase when your roof has holes or leaks, as air loss will cause HVAC equipment to work that much harder just to produce the same output. When your roof is fully intact and properly insulated, your building will be able to maintain a reasonable temperature much more efficiently. Not only does this save you money on utility bills, but it also ensures your customers and clients are comfortable.

Save Money on Repairs

Roof inspections not only cut back on utility costs. They also prevent you from paying for expensive roofing repairs on a regular basis. Roof maintenance might seem unnecessary when the structure appears to be intact. However, it’s a lot more cost-effective than paying for the same repairs every few months or so. Having your roof regularly inspected and maintained will also put off the need for a replacement until it’s absolutely necessary. Many flat roofing systems can last up to two decades or more with the right maintenance, and inspections are the best way to extend the lifespan of your roofing system.

Why do you need a roof inspection? Along with the above reasons, Summit Commerical Roofing can also provide one more: peace of mind. Our skilled roofing contractors will assess the health of your flat commercial roof in great detail to determine the extent of storm damage. We can also help you maintain your roof, which keeps it intact against rough weather and increases its longevity. Should the time come for a roof replacement, you can trust in us to be transparent and forthcoming about your needs. We’ll also work quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your business.

If you’d like to schedule an inspection of your roof today, please call (734) 531-7327. You can also contact us online for more information on the services we provide.


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