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commercial steel roofing

What Is Steel Roofing?

Standing seam steel roofing consists of durable metal panels with vertical ribs attached and concealed fasteners. Panels layer over each connecting seam, providing a wide, raised seal with moisture protection that’s hard to beat. Metal gauge and panel size adapt specifically to your commercial building’s dimensions for a perfect fit.

A higher initial cost balances out with excellent lifetime performance – when installed by experts.


What Are the Advantages of Commercial Steel Roofing?

Standing seam commercial steel roofing is very popular in business applications. Here’s why:

  • Aesthetics: Metal roofing looks great with its vertical profile and attractive color options.
  • Durability: Commercial metal roofing can easily last for 40-50 years, offering amazing strength, damage resistance and weather protection.
  • Low maintenance: High-quality steel layers endure temperature extremes and moisture with virtually no maintenance.
  • Insulation Factor: Metal roofing allows for thick layers of insulation that create ideal energy savings and comfort during summer and winter.
  • Drainage: Sleek steel roofs shed rain, ice and snow effortlessly.


Potential Issues and Problems

There are two key factors to guarantee exceptional longevity and performance with steel roof system

  1. Avoid sub-par steel roofing companies.
  2. Opt for high-quality steel panels and coatings.

If you recently purchased a building with an existing steel roof, and have problems with rust, leaks or roofing damage, either faulty installation or inferior roofing materials are likely to blame. What can you do?


Work With the Best for Repair and Installation

Repairing damaged steel roofing is no easy task. Fortunately, at Summit Commercial Roofing, we’re experts you can rely on. From total roof replacement to PVC commercial roofing layered over existing metal, we provide the results you need. Our work is always of the highest quality:

  • Painstaking attention to detail
  • Over 30 years of experience with commercial steel roofing
  • High-quality products
  • Expert installation

Contact the professionals at Summit Commercial Roofing at (734) 228-4396 for a free inspection and an estimate on solutions for any existing issues. Give your commercial property solid protection year in and year out.


Stop Leaky Roofs that Cost Your Business Time and Money

With over 30 years of experience, Summit Commercial Roofing is Southeast Michigan’s commercial roofing expert. “Financing Available”
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