10 Things to Know About Commercial Metal Roofs

Commercial Metal Roofs

Gone are the days when asphalt was the go-to roofing material for flat and sloped roofs alike. Business owners now have a wide array of materials to choose from. If you need to replace your commercial roof, here are the 10 things you should know about commercial metal roofing, and why you should choose Summit Commercial Roofing’s services for your next roof replacement project.

1. Metal Roofing is Recyclable

Metal roofs are durable, dependable and even recyclable. After a lifetime between 40 and 70 years, you can recycle your commercial roofing material to avoid waste. Asphalt shingles aren’t recyclable, so you can reduce your business’ waste by switching to metal.

2. Ridge Vents Add a Distinctive Flair

An iconic continuous ridge vent gives your commercial metal roofing a bold look. Unlike the thin strip of shingles on an asphalt shingle roofline, metal roofing has a memorable ridge vent.

3. Professional Installation Is Crucial

While you may be looking to save money on your commercial roof investment, it’s essential that you hire commercial roofers. Improper metal roof installation can cause you numerous headaches down the road, like a leaky roof, improper venting and damaged metal sheeting.

4. Metal Roofs Can Have a Low Slope

While commercial metal roofing may not be appropriate for a flat roof, even a slight slope on your roof allows you to use metal roofing. Any commercial roof with a gradual slope may be able to use durable metal roofing materials.

5. Metal Can Be More Energy Efficient

Compare the reflective coating on your commercial metal roofing with the dark colors of most asphalt and other commercial roofing materials and you’ll see why metal roofing is a great energy-efficient option.

6. Insects, Fire and Rot Won’t Harm Harm Metal Roofing

Don’t worry about mold, mildew, fire damage or even insects thanks to your resilient metal roofing. Other roofing materials are prone to these risks, but metal is a durable option for resisting the worst of these environmental effects.

7. You’ll Save by Choosing Metal

The initial investment of commercial metal roofing may discourage some business owners. However, because of the long lifetime of metal roofing, you’ll save money over time. Even if you don’t plan on staying in your business’ location for more than 20 years, your commercial building will enjoy a higher resale value thanks to metal.

8. Metal Roofing Doesn’t Attract Lightning

As both a non-combustible and conductive material, commercial metal roofing is actually better at protecting you and your commercial building from the risk of a lightning strike. Every roofing material is considered an isolated component, so your commercial building is far less likely to be struck by lightning than a telephone pole or other structure.

9. You Won’t Notice Any More Noise

Many business owners believe metal roofing is a noisy option that will disrupt business as usual. Even in the event of rain or hail, a properly installed metal roof by a leading commercial roofing company will be just as insulated as an asphalt roof.

10. You Don’t Need to Remove Your Old Roofing

Removing an old roof involves additional time, costly disposal fees and other costs that can be avoided. Commercial metal roofing can be installed directly on your current roof. Choose a commercial roofing company that will ensure your roofing is properly vented to avoid moisture buildup between the old and new roofing materials.

When you’re ready to replace your commercial roof and invest in durable metal roofing, request a quote today from Summit Commercial Roofing. Compare metal roofing with other reliable sloped roof and flat roof options to find the best way to protect your investment and continue to run your business without worrying about water damage or other typical roofing concerns.

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