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Restore or replace your commercial metal roofing with help from Summit Commercial Roofing. We’ve been helping businesses in Southeast Michigan for over 50 years, and take pride in our stellar reputation.

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Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal roofs offer significant benefits, including:
  • Durability & Longevity: A well-installed and maintained metal roof can last between 50 and 70 years.
  • Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, significantly reducing cooling costs.
  • Safety: They are fire-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Ease of Installation: Their lightweight panels can be installed over existing roofs, saving time and reducing labor costs.
A newly installed commercial metal roof

Our Services

From new builds to replacements and repairs, Summit Commercial Roofing is your one-stop shop for all things metal roofing. Here’s an overview of the services that we provide:

New Construction

Worker attached a new metal roof
Whether you’re expanding, starting a new business, or just moving into a new building, it’s important to work with a commercial roofing contractor that you can trust to get the job done right. We’ll help you minimize rework and issues in the future by providing you high-quality new construction work from the very beginning. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our commercial metal roofing installation services.

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Aerial view of a metal commercial roof
At Summit Commercial Roofing, we perform both tear-offs and re-roofs to ensure that your replacement is handled correctly. When installed correctly, commercial metal roofing can last for up to 70 years.

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Working replacing metal tiles on a roof
All roofs over time are likely to experience problems—it’s a byproduct of age combined with general wear and tear. We offer regular inspections and repairs to help you get your roof back to its full potential.

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Worker inspecting a commercial metal roof
Routine inspections can help you prevent costly repairs in the future. It’s ideal to schedule a roof inspection if you’re purchasing a new property and want to thoroughly assess its value and condition. Additionally, you should schedule an inspection after any bad storm or inclement weather.

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Why Work With Summit Commercial Roofing?

Summit Commercial Roofing has more than 50 years of experience installing all types of commercial roofs. With core values that include quality of workmanship and a commitment to customer service, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations. With industry-leading response times of 24 hours or less and honest pricing, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Common Types of Metal Roofing

  • Steel: Known for its strength, steel roofing comes in three main types: galvanized (coated with zinc), Galvalume® (coated with aluminum, zinc, and silicone), and weathering steel (COR-TEN®, which forms a stable rust-like appearance after exposure to weather.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and resistant to corrosion, aluminum is perfect for withstanding Michigan’s harsh weather.

Metal Roofing Styles & Colors

Metal roofs come in many styles, from smooth and modern standing seam roofs to the classic look of metal tiles and shingles, so they can fit in with any type of building design. You can pick from many colors, like simple white and gray, or brighter ones, such as green and red. Metal is also available in many different finishes, like matte or metallic, with optional galvanized steel, PVDF, or stone coatings.

Signs You Need Repairs

Roofs endure their fair share of wear and tear over time, and if issues are left unresolved, it could lead to greater costs down the road. Routine inspections are one way to detect small problems before they can become worse. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, contact us today to schedule repairs:
  • Worn or Damaged Seals
  • Rusting
  • Loose Seams
  • Water Damage
  • Leaks
Commercial Roof Repair

Maintenance & Care

  1. Conduct Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect your roof for any signs of wear, such as leaks, rust, or damage from extreme weather conditions.
  2. Clean Debris Regularly: Remove leaves, branches, and other debris from the roof surface to prevent water accumulation and potential corrosion.
  3. Ensure Proper Drainage: Keep gutters and downspouts clear to ensure proper water drainage and prevent water damage.
  4. Apply Protective Coatings: Enhance your roof’s durability against weather and UV damage by applying protective coatings.
  5. Address Minor Repairs Promptly: Small issues can escalate into significant problems. Address minor repairs quickly.

View Our Past Projects

With more than five decades of commercial metal roofing experience, we have quite a few projects under our belt. Take a look at some of the notable work we’ve done in the past.


  • Is a Metal Roof Noisy During Rain or Hail?
    No. Contrary to common belief, when installed with proper insulation and underlayment, a metal roof is no noisier than other types of roofing materials. These layers effectively reduce noise from rain, hail, and other environmental factors. You can read this blog to learn more about other metal roofing myths.
  • Can You Install a Metal Roof Over an Existing Roof?
    In many cases, yes. One of the advantages of metal roofing is its lightweight nature, allowing it to be installed over certain types of existing roofs without the need for a tear-off. However, a professional inspection is necessary to determine if this option is suitable for your specific situation. Read this blog to learn more.
  • How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?
    With proper installation and maintenance, a metal roof can last up to 70 years, significantly longer than traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, which have a lifespan of about 20 years. The lifespan of the roof will vary based on the following factors:
    • Material Quality: Higher-quality materials like galvanized steel or aluminum can withstand harsh weather conditions better and are more corrosion-resistant.
    • Installation Quality: A professional installation ensures the roof is correctly sealed and secured, minimizing the risk of leaks and damage over time.
    • Environmental Conditions: The roof’s exposure to saltwater, extreme temperatures, and pollutants can accelerate wear and tear, affecting its durability.
    • Maintenance Routine: Regular inspections, cleaning, and timely repairs are essential to prevent minor issues from becoming major problems, extending the roof’s life.
    • Roof Design: The slope and design of the roof can influence water drainage efficiency and the accumulation of debris, which in turn can affect the roof’s longevity.
    • Ventilation & Insulation: Adequate ventilation and insulation help regulate temperature and moisture levels in the roofing system, preventing damage from condensation.
  • What Are the Main Components of a Metal Roofing System?
    A metal roofing system includes metal panels or shingles, underlayment, flashing, fasteners, ridge caps, and gutters. Each plays a crucial role in the roof’s performance and durability.
    • Metal Panels or Shingles: Serve as the primary exterior surface of the roof, providing durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal.
    • Underlayment: Acts as a secondary layer of protection between the metal roofing material and the roof deck.
    • Flashing: Installed at the roof’s vulnerable points, such as around chimneys, vents, and where the roof meets walls, to prevent water from seeping into the structure.
    • Fasteners: These are the screws, nails, or clips used to secure the metal panels or shingles to the roof’s structure.
    • Ridge Caps: Fitted along the ridge or peak of the roof, these components seal the gap where two roof slopes meet.
    • Gutters: Channels installed around the edge of the roof to collect and direct rainwater away from the building.

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