The Importance of Professional EPDM Roof Repair

EPDM roofing offers excellent flexibility and durability. With proper EPDM roof repair from our Summit Commercial Roofing experts, you can expect your roof to provide trustworthy protection for up to 25 years.



What Is the EPDM Roof Repair Process?

EPDM membrane repair generally involves four steps:

  1. Preparation and cleaning

Debris, dirt, surface impurities and the carbon film that commonly forms on EPDM roofs must be removed correctly to ensure good adhesion of the repair patch.

  1. Priming

Applying the right amount of primer is key for strong adhesion of all edges. This helps to prevent future leaks.

  1. Patch application

Depending on the size of the tear, a large replacement patch is layered over the damaged area and firmly affixed to the synthetic rubber membrane. Repairs utilize two methods for dependable adhesion:

  • Splice adhesive patch
  • Peel and stick adhesive roofing tape

The advantage of peel and stick sections is that they provide a stronger bond with the perfect amount of adhesive for the job.

  1. Sealing

A lap sealant or caulk is affixed to the edges of the patched area. Professional repairers then use a steel roller for a smooth and firmly affixed surface.


What Causes EPDM Roof Damage?

There are many reasons why even a hail-resistant EPDM roof can experience damage:

  • Improper original installation
  • Punctures from careless workers
  • New penetrations sealed incorrectly
  • Excessive age and wear

Many roofing companies in Detroit do not offer the same care as our professionals, and failing to properly prep roof surfaces can lead to vulnerable edges or flashings.


Always Use the Best

Improper repair materials can contaminate the EPDM membrane and turn small tears into huge problems.  If you suspect your EPDM roof may be leaking, don’t risk it! Contact our experts at Summit Commercial Roofing immediately to schedule an inspection.

With our expert EPDM roof repair, you get high-quality work that provide the same durability, flexibility and weather resistance as the original synthetic rubber membrane. We do the job right, the first time, so your commercial property stays high and dry.


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