Commercial Roofs Keep Your Building Protected

The roof is the first line of defense for any building. Commercial roofs have to stand up to heavy winds, hail, ice and sun exposure. When your roof deteriorates, it exposes your building to the elements and makes it vulnerable to even more repairs. Staying on top of roofing repairs and maintenance protects your business. Make sure to call commercial roofing contractors in Macomb County, Michigan to take care of your commercial roof.

Tips for Keeping Your Roof Sound

A commercial roof is much different than a residential roof. For starters, most commercial roofs have a very low slope, almost to the point of being flat. It takes experts in commercial roofing to keep them secure and sound.

  • Have a maintenance budget that includes two inspections every year. Have the roof checked in the spring to see what winter did to it, because winter can be the hardest season on the roof. Check the roof again in the fall to make sure it’s ready for winter.
  • Fix small issues quickly to avoid more costly repairs later on.
  • Know your roof. If you understand your commercial roof and pay attention to its condition, you will notice when something is wrong after a big storm. Become the expert on your roof. Maintain good records about what maintenance has been performed. Know the lifespan of your roof and be ready to replace it when it’s due.
  • Watch for interior damage that demonstrates the roof is having problems. Don’t procrastinate making repairs.
  • Work with commercial roofing professionals that understand the intricacies of a commercial roof.
  • Make sure the roof is cleaned up after any work done to it.
  • Don’t let untrained personnel on the roof to handle work.

Be Proactive in Taking Care of Your Commercial Roof

Summit Commercial Roofing has the expertise in commercial roofing repairs, replacement and maintenance for your building. Contact us online or call our office at 734-228-4396 to discuss your needs with one of our technicians.


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