Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

Experienced Roofers & Quality Inspections

Get your roof inspected by experts. We are a commercial roofing company that specializes in flat or low sloping commercial roofs. Our roofers are professionally trained and certified. Also, we have over 30 years of commercial roofing experience. Our inspection will be thorough and will be the opinion of a professional that you will trust. We will answer your questions, give suggestions, and give you our professional judgment on your roof.

Roof Inspections for Your Building Purchase

You may have concerns about the condition of your building’s roof. A building that you are not familiar with could have hidden roofing issues. If discovered, these should be taken care of right away. You may also find your roof in good working order. You will still want to know how long you can expect it to be that way. Or find out whether it will need regular maintenance. We can help you get those answers.

Most of our roof inspections are for property owners who have purchased or are planning to purchase a commercial building. Don’t settle with a general building inspector. If you want to know about the roof, ask us. We look at commercial roofs on a regular bases. We know what to look for. And we know an issue if we see one. Be confident about your building purchase by hiring Summit Commercial Roofing.

Contact Us for Your Roof Inspection

If you are ready to get a your roof inspected then contact us. We will be quick to get back to you. We respond to our messages within 24 hours. We are professional, hard working, and stand by our work. Our prices are fair and competitive for the roofing market. You can trust Summit Commercial Roofing to give you a good and thorough inspection. Let’s get started.


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With over 30 years of experience, Summit Commercial Roofing is Southeast Michigan’s commercial roofing expert. Request a Quote
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