How to Add a Pitch to a Flat Roof

Do you love your commercial building, but hate all of the downsides that come along with having a flat roof? Before resigning yourself to the idea that you’re stuck with this style forever, consider the option of having a pitch installed over your existing roof. Not only are pitched roofs more aesthetically pleasing, they can […]

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Can a Metal Roof be Installed Over Shingles?

If your roof is made of shingles and it’s in need of replacement, you aren’t alone. The vast majority of Americans live under a shingle roof, which can require replacement as frequently as every 12 years. Metal roofing is a more durable and affordable alternative, but can it be installed over shingles? Benefits of a Metal Roof […]

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10 Things to Know About Commercial Metal Roofs

Gone are the days when asphalt was the go-to roofing material for flat and sloped roofs alike. Nowadays, metal roofing is one of the most popular commercial roof choices available. If you need to replace your commercial roof, here are the 10 things you should know about commercial metal roofing, and why you should choose […]

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Rubber Membrane Roof Expectancy

Are you thinking about adding a rubber membrane roof to your building? If so, you need to think about how long the material is going to last. You have multiple options available if you are trying to find a new roof for your home or office. You need to make sure you find a material […]

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Trends For Commercial Roofing in 2020

commercial steel roof

As the owner of a commercial building, its roof represents one of your biggest investments. You need one that’s sturdy, durable, and requires minimum maintenance, all while protecting your building from storm damage, especially water damage. If you think you must sacrifice aesthetics for functionality, however, think again. With today’s roofing materials and styles, you […]

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What To Know About Commercial Roof Warranties

As the owner of a business, there are some important things to know about the various types of commercial roof warranties. The roof of your building is a company asset and needs a product that will cover damages and make certain repairs happen within a reasonable time period. Read the details carefully, since the quality […]

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Commercial Roof Maintenance Guide

When was the last time you had your commercial roof inspected or maintained? Explore the benefits of a commercial roof maintenance program, what a program involves, and signs that you need a professional to protect your commercial investment. Protect your property with professional maintenance services that won’t cost you a significant amount. Why You Need […]

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4 Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection This Fall

Leaves being cleaned out of roof gutters

Commercial roof inspections are crucial to identifying and resolving minor problems before they become significant. That’s why we recommend that you have your property’s roof inspected at least twice a year. We suggest having it inspected in the spring following the winter season, as well as in the fall months. Fall weather tends to be […]

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The 5 Most Common Commercial Roofing Types and Materials

At Summit Commercial Roofing, we understand the importance of selecting the right roofing material for your business. As an owner or operator, you need to consider not only the durability of the materials but also the health of the building, climate of the region, and wildlife and plant life in the immediate area. As most […]

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