4 Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection This Fall

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Commercial roof inspections are crucial to identifying and resolving minor problems before they become significant. That’s why we recommend that you have your property’s roof inspected at least twice a year. We suggest having it inspected in the spring following the winter season, as well as in the fall months. Fall weather tends to be fairly predictable, so an inspection during this time of year can ensure your roof is ready for winter.

In this post, we’ll discuss more about why fall is such an important time to schedule your roof inspections.

1. You Can Evaluate Roofing Damage from the Summer

Michigan summers aren’t just known for their high temperatures, but for the inclement weather as well. Heavy rain and high winds can take their toll on a flat roof over time, and an inspection during the fall can help ensure that there are no drainage issues or other lingering damage caused by storms. Scheduling an inspection this fall ensures damage is repaired before the winter season, when any issues can increase in significance.

Some common signs of flat roof damage include:

  • Pooling on the Surface
  • Stripped Flashing
  • Drainage Issues
  • Punctures
  • General Wear & Tear

2. Fall Inspections Prevent Costly Repairs During Winter

As we previously mentioned, any damage that your roof sustained during the summer months is only going to get worse during the winter. Michigan winters are subject to snow and ice accumulation, all of which can take their toll on a flat roof. Furthermore, it can be difficult to schedule maintenance during the winter months if there’s a problem due to the unpredictability of the weather. The fall months tend to be pretty consistent from a weather standpoint, so it’s fairly easy to schedule an inspection and have any issues identified and resolved.

3. Inspections Help Keep Your Insulation in Good Condition

Beyond mitigating issues, roof inspections can also help keep your insulation in good condition. It’s important to insulate buildings for a variety of reasons. First, it can help improve a property’s energy efficiency while also helping provide a more comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. Insulation can also help extend the life of your property’s HVAC system by limiting the strain that is placed on it to adequately heat or cool the building. Finally, insulation can help dampen any sounds coming from the outside. 

Despite their benefits, insulation isn’t immune from its fair share of issues, and the condition of your property’s roof can play a role in this.

For example, any roof leaks could result in water soaking the insulation and causing mold or mildew growth. Insulation may experience other issues as well, such as general wear and tear and damage from animals or rodents. It’s also possible that too much insulation was originally installed in certain places, which can lead to its own issues. 

When you schedule a commercial roof inspection, you’ll know if your insulation is properly protecting your property and helping you save energy.

4. You Can Identify and Repair Roof Leaks

A minor rook leak might not seem like a big issue now. In fact, you may not even be aware of any leaks in your roof if they’re extremely small. Keep in mind that roof leaks only grow worse if left unaddressed, until the problem can no longer be ignored. Not only can they damage multiple components of your roof, but they can also damage the interior of your building when leaks are severe. Additionally, roof leaks can cause mold to grow within your business, which is a major problem on its own. Mold can damage walls and ceilings, as well as ruining furniture, computer equipment, and even inventory. The presence of mold within a building is also considered a health hazard since it decreases indoor air quality and worsens allergy symptoms.

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