Standing Seam Metal Roof vs Metal Roof

difference between standing seam Metal Roof and Metal Roof

You may be familiar with the differences between shingles and metal roofing, but once you choose a metal roof for your home there’s still many decisions to make. One important difference is whether to use standing seam metal roofing or not. At Summit Commercial Roofing, we’re experts on the pros and cons of residential standing seam metal roof installation, so we can help you find the best type of metal roof for your home.

Pros of Exposed Fasteners for Your Metal Roofing

Unlike standing seam metal roofing, many metal roofs use fasteners to directly join the metal sheeting to your roof deck. The edges are overlapped to avoid any leaks. This type of metal roofing allows you to choose far wider, thinner and less expensive panels.

Exposed fasteners are appropriate for both residential and commercial buildings. Because the panels are less expensive and easier to install, your local contractors will usually have more experience installing your metal roof. Your commercial metal roofing contractors are able to purchase these metal panels far more easily and affordably, so you can expect this to be a lower cost option.

Cons of Exposed Fasteners for Your Metal Roofing

Of course, there are a few concerns that you should consider when choosing to use exposed fasteners. The most obvious concern is the fasteners. This metal roof option requires the use of dozens of screws to be drilled through your roof. Even with the rubber gaskets on each screw, your roof is at greater risk of leaking with proper or improper installation.

One of the primary reasons you may have been attracted to a metal roof is the low maintenance required. However, an exposed fastener roof will still require some maintenance. You’ll need to inspect your roof periodically for improperly installed fasteners, faulty gaskets and debris collecting on your roof and in your gutters.

Pros of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Also known as raised seam roofing, standing seam metal roofing is a premium option for long-lasting protection and a flawless look. Because the fasteners are hidden, this type of metal roof enjoys far fewer leaks, a more unified look and a more maintenance free lifetime.

Because of this durable design, your commercial roofing contractors and manufacturers will typically offer a warranty for its weather-tight features, particularly on commercial buildings. Standing seams allow room for thermal movement, which can help prevent oil canning, noisy metal roofs and other inconveniences.

Cons of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

All these benefits come at a price. Standing seam metal roofing is more expensive than exposed fastener metal roofing. Not only does it involve more labor and more costly materials, but it’s also more difficult to find an experienced roofing contractor for this type of metal roof.

Even under warranty, some damage may occur. Because your standing seam metal roof is often specially designed or formed on-site, it’s far more difficult to repair or replace sections should they be damaged. Difficult repairs often become costly for homeowners, particularly if it’s an emergency.

Finally, some roofs may be too flat for standing seam roofing. If your roof has less than a .5/12 pitch, standing seam metal roofing may not be appropriate for your home. Ask a local roofing contractor for more information about your particular roof.

Get Started With Your Metal Roof Today

Whether you’re looking for a standing seam or exposed fastener metal roofing, Summit Commercial Roofing has highly trained and experienced roofing contractors who are able to provide you with the metal roof you desire. If you’re ready to repair or replace your roof, contact us today. Ask for an estimate of both types of metal roofing, or choose the option that fits your budget, design and roof type.

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