How Much Will Your New Commercial Roof Cost?

cost of a commercial roof

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate when it comes to managing costs and providing for the long-term health of your enterprise. When you evaluate a major expenditure such as a new roof, you need to know what kind of investment you’re making. Costs for commercial roofing services depend on a wide range of factors, and it’s important to understand how they affect the final price.

What Type of Roof Do You Need?

The roofing system, or type of material, of your new roof is the first detail that impacts its final cost. Commercial roofers typically offer two different styles: flat and sloped. At the same time, different kinds of materials are available for constructing these roofs. Single-ply and built-up bituminous roofing are the most common varieties of flat roofs. Meanwhile, sloped versions usually consist of either metal sheets or tiles of asphalt, clay or concrete. As such, the cost per square foot can vary widely. Single-ply tends to be the least expensive, while metal roofs price out higher than most other types.

Do Structures Below the Roof Need Repairs?

Your total commercial roof cost also depends on the condition of structures and materials below your existing roof. In many cases, years of water or impact damage may have affected their integrity and require repairs or even replacement. Some common issues that must be addressed before a new commercial roof installation include damaged roof or deck structures, mold, trapped moisture or deteriorated cover board and substrate materials. A qualified professional is required to properly assess their condition.

Is Your Roof Easily Accessible?

Replacing or installing a commercial roof also requires safety and logistical measures to protect both people and structures. Several specifics can affect how roofers approach a job, including the building’s height, occupancy, property access and available space for storing roofing materials. These factors also determine the type of equipment needed and even the times during which workers can enter the property to complete a roofing job.

What Are Your Jurisdiction’s Code Requirements?

Local building, contracting and zoning laws also dictate how your new commercial roof will be constructed. Most codes spell out requirements for details such as underlying structures, materials, substrate, ventilation, slope and application methods. A reputable commercial roofer will follow such laws, ensuring you get a high-quality finished roof that complies with code requirements.

Keep in mind that these codes are drafted to ensure that roofs are constructed to withstand typical weather and environmental hazards in a particular region. That usually results in specific fire resistance, wind load and impact resistance requirements. These are typically broken down into specific rules for each type of roofing materials and the types of fasteners that must be used in construction. Some local codes are incredibly complex, spelling out different regulations according to building height. The specificity of these codes requires diligence and expert knowledge by professional commercial roofers.

Your Commercial Roofing Quote

When writing up a quote for your new roof, a commercial roofing firm should carefully evaluate the condition of your building’s existing structures. Professionals can assess underlying issues such as the health of the deck, maintenance history and whether any prior re-roofing has been done.

Your Commercial Roofing Experts in Southeast Michigan

As you can see, many different details figure into the cost of a new commercial roof. Count on Summit Commercial Roofing to help you through the process from start to finish. We’re a family-owned, family-operated company trusted for more than 20 years by Southeast Michigan business owners. We deliver high-quality commercial roofs with prompt service, superior craftsmanship and competitive prices. At Summit, the customer is always our first responsibility. Request a quote by completing our online contact form.

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