How Long Should It Take to Install Your Commercial Roof?

Install Your Commercial Roof

The roof of your building is an integral part of the overall structure, which is why it is crucial to have routine inspections to determine the health of your existing roof annually. Also, if you find that your roof is in disrepair, then it is imperative that you hire a commercial roofing installation company to inspect and repair or replace your existing roof.

It is understandable that such an undertaking can be expensive and that you might be concerned about the length of time such a repair or replacement will take. Unfortunately, the time it takes depends on a variety of things, not including the overall size of the roof. Therefore, you should understand the five factors that play into the timeline of an installation.

Type of Roof

The first factor to consider is the type of roof being installed as well as the size and pitch. Larger roofs will obviously take more time to complete. However, there are some average timelines you can refer to. For example, a flat roof will typically take about five days, while a shingle roof is often completed quicker. A tile roof takes longer at around eight days, but metal roofs usually take the longest, about 12 days. However, these are rough estimates as there are numerous other factors that must be considered.

Crew and Material Availability

While this is not the biggest concern, crew and material availability can cause delays. For most commercial properties, materials are likely not a concern, especially when choosing conventional products. However, there are times when a material is a special order, and it might cause some delays in installation. Also, on-time installation relies on on-time deliveries, which in the construction industry does not always happen.

Permit Revisions

Commercial roofers are well aware of permit revisions, and while they can be frustrating, especially to property owners, they can be part of the process. Commercial roofs are subject to code enforcement and municipal regulations, which means that roofing materials and methods might change. If things do change, then your installer will need to request a revision, which will result in delays.


Another common issue for roofing installers is the weather. It does not always cooperate. Depending on when and where you are having your commercial roof installed, there is still a possibility that rain or other conditions will make it impossible to work on specific days. Therefore, a contractor may give you a window for your installation to occur, but everything will probably make reference to the phrase “weather permitting.”

Third-Party Inspections

Third-party inspections are, unfortunately, out of your roofing contractor’s control. Inspections need to happen to finalize different stages of the roofing process, but inspectors are on their own timelines. Qualified commercial roofers will rarely have inspections fail because of workmanship. However, failures for logistical mistakes can happen. For example, the inspector might show up to a property when no one else is there, forcing them to reschedule. It is also possible that roof access might not be available upon the inspector’s arrival. Another issue that can present a problem is the required paperwork. For example, someone might accidentally remove the permit from the site, making it impossible for the inspector to view the original, or the final paperwork is incomplete or out of order. All of these minor issues can result in significant delays.

If you are in the market for qualified commercial roofing contractors, contact Summit Commercial Roofing at (734) 228-4396. They understand the importance of deadlines and inspections, and they will do everything in their power to make sure you have your roof installed in the timeline discussed. Reach out to one of their representatives to discuss your project and find out what they can do for you.

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