How Long Should It Take to Install Your Commercial Roof?

construction worker using electric drill to install a commercial steel roof

It typically takes five days to four weeks to install a commercial roof. The timeline varies based on many factors.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some factors that can cause that five-day to a four-week timeline to fluctuate, as well as other things you need to know about new commercial roof installations.

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Type of Roofing Material & Material Availability

rubber roofing being unrolled on top of a roof

The first factor to consider is the type of roof you’re installing, as well as the size and pitch of your existing roof.

Larger and more complex roofs, like high roofs, will obviously take more time to complete as they require more materials.

However, there are some average timelines you can refer to. For example, a flat roof will typically take about five days, while a shingle roof is often completed quicker. A tile roof takes longer at around eight days, but metal roofs usually take the longest, about 12 days. 

Supply chain issues can also pose a timeline challenge. For instance, while some materials may be readily available, others may be on backorder or require special ordering. A good roofing contractor will try to work ahead as best as possible to avoid any supply chain challenges, but even a proactive business model can’t offset all supply chain issues.

Scope of the Project

seven construction works installing a new metal roofing sheet

The scope of the project can impact the roofing job in more ways than just material needs.

It also influences the number of workers that are needed to complete the job in a timely manner.

Obviously, the larger the job, the more workers you’ll need to complete it within that four-week projected timeline.

Permit Revisions

construction worker looking over building permit as he and his co-worker prepare for their morning shift

Commercial roofers are well aware of permit revisions, and while they can be frustrating, they are often part of the installation process.

Commercial roofs are subject to code enforcement and municipal regulations, which means that roofing materials and methods might change. If things do change, then your installer will need to request a revision, which will result in delays.


Close-up photo a metal roof being rained on in the middle of a storm

Another factor that influences the duration of a commercial roof installation project is the weather, particularly inclement weather.

Depending on when and where you are having your commercial roof installed, there is a possibility that rain or other conditions will make it impossible to work on specific days.

Therefore, a contractor may give you a window for your installation to occur, but everything will probably make reference to the phrase “weather permitting.”


Wind mitigation inspection inspector wearing safety goggles doing inspection on new roof

Lastly, inspections are required at different stages during the roofing process, but inspectors work independently of the roofing companies.

In other words, timelines can shift based on the availability of the inspectors. In some cases, phases of the installation are unable to begin until an appropriate inspection takes place.


When Should You Install a New Commercial Roof?

You should install a new roof if your existing system has reached the end of its lifespan, or if any of the following factors apply to you:

  • Your Roof Has Extensive Damage/Is Beyond Repair
  • You Want to Upgrade for Better Energy Efficiency

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