Spring Cleaning the Commercial Roof Checklist

Commercial Roof Repair

Springtime is a great time to clean out your home and start yard projects, but don’t forget to clean and inspect your commercial property this spring. Use this checklist to be sure your roof is ready for a long, busy summer, and find out how a commercial roofing company can assist you in any necessary repairs. Discover how Summit Commercial Roofing can accomplish any necessary spring repair projects to maintain your property and invest in your business.

Roof Inspection

A damaged commercial roof can allow water to enter your commercial building. Without prompt repairs, you’ll be looking at an extensive renovation project. Inspect your commercial roof or have a professional inspect your roof this spring. The exact signs of damage will depend on the type of roofing material covering your commercial building.

Signs of roof issues aren’t always easy to spot. Once the snow clears this spring and you can safely see your roof, find out what signs to look for in roof damage. Be cautious on your commercial roof, whether it’s a flat roof or a sloped roof. A professional roofing company in your area can stop by for a thorough inspection.

Signs of a Damaged Roof

Asphalt shingles need to be repaired if they start to curl, blister, buckle or stain. Missing shingles need to be promptly replaced. A steel roof will show signs of rust. Extreme denting can also lead to small holes, so have a professional inspect any dents or other imperfections.

Flat roofs need to be repaired if they start cracking, chipping or have other issues. Although a flat roof may last longer than asphalt shingles, it still requires routine maintenance.

Ask a professional about various roofing materials. Some flat roofs can last for 20 years or more, while other materials may require maintenance and repairs every few years for leak-free performance.

Mold Inspection

As the snow melts and your roof becomes clear again, inspect it for any signs of mold. All that trapped moisture can create mold issues on any type of roof. Mold will increase the risk of damage and water leaks, so it’s important to have commercial roofing contractors clean any mold, moss or other growth on your commercial roof.

Branch Trimming

Trees on your business property can provide shade and improve your curb appeal. Unfortunately, trees that are too close to your building can create risks. A large branch that breaks off during a storm can damage your roof. Leaves and pine needs collecting on your commercial roof can also damage your roof material.

Work with a local tree expert to trim any damaged branches. If a branch has already fallen, a commercial roofer can promptly repair your roof to avoid water leaks and other issues.

Interior Inspection

Minor leaks can be difficult to spot on the exterior of your roof. Even a professional commercial needs to inspect the interior of your building to look for any signs of water damage. As you walk around your commercial property and go through your roof cleaning checklist, find out if you can inspect the inside of your roof.

Whether your building is completely open or you need to access an attic space, find out if you can safely and conveniently inspect your business property. Water marks, mold growth and other issues are signs that you need professional repairs on your roof.

Work With a Commercial Roofing Company

At Summit Commercial Roofing, we offer leading commercial roof repair and replacement services in the Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan areas. Request a quote to enjoy reliable services by leading commercial roofers. Enjoy spring cleaning and hassle-free repairs for a spring and summer of complete protection convenience.

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