Commercial Flat Roofing

commercial flat roof types

What Is Commercial Flat Roofing?

Most commercial buildings are constructed with a flat roof. This decision makes sense due to lower construction costs, space-saving heating and cooling system installation, and the large size of most properties. Despite the name, it doesn’t mean commercial roofing systems are totally flat; actually, they usually have a slight slope that allows for drainage.


Commercial Flat Roof Types

EPDM Membrane

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber layer used as a singly-ply roof coating. The advantages of EPDM membranes are their great temperature resistance – EPDM stands up to freeze-thaw cycles exceptionally well – and longevity. An EPDM roof can easily last 30-50 years with proper maintenance.

PVC Roofing System

A Polyvinyl Chloride roof layer offers great strength and impact resistance, especially in commercial situations where a roof is likely to have foot traffic. Another reason business owners and apartment managers love PVC roofing is its reflective energy-efficient properties. PVC roofs keep buildings cooler than other options during summer.

Modified Bitumen

Sometimes popular methods are popular for a reason. Modified bitumen is a solid choice for virtually any commercial application, with excellent durability and strength, easy maintenance and simple repairability.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Combining excellent longevity and great seam seals, standing seam metal roofs offer excellent drainage and come in attractive colors for aesthetics. Best of all, they require virtually no maintenance and allow for significant insulation in all climates.


Factors To Help You Choose the Right Commercial Flat Roof Construction

Each type of commercial roof excels in specific areas:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Energy savings
  • Local weather temperatures
  • Industrial chemicals present
  • Installation cost versus long-term durability

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